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Wildcraft Wednesday

Picked service berries for a homemade crumble









Checked out this awesome yarn bombing









Spotted this lovely yellow finch









Picked a bag full of wild mint









All in all a very nice wildcraft Wednesday!



How To Stay Warm

Apricot & Vanilla Bean Liqueur

Although spring is supposedly ‘just around the corner’ this March weather looks more like January to me. In an effort to stay warm and cheer myself up I’m indulging in a homemade drink. After all, why pay for fancy liqueurs when you can make your own for a quarter of the price?

Get yourself a pretty jar with a tight seal, fill it three-quarters of the way with vodka or another neutral flavoured alcohol. Add sugar to your liking, (3 tbsp or so depending on the sourness of the fruit) and shake until it begins to dissolve.


Wash and add the fruit of your choice to the jar, filling to the top. Prick the fruit all over with a toothpick or slice it up(whole fruit looks prettier but will take longer to flavour the vodka). Local, organic and seasonal fruit is the preferred choice but in winter 1 out of 3 ain’t bad. I’ve tried making this with my own frozen berries but the flavour is always lacking compared to fresh. Add spices or herbs for an extra dimension of flavour; in fact it doesn’t have to be fruit flavoured at all. Think ginger, rosemary or chili for mixed drinks and Bloody Marys’.

Vodka Infusion

Seal the jar tightly and put away for at least 1 month out of sunlight, shaking occasionally. Start sampling after one month. Once the fruit has finished infusing strain it through cheesecloth or a clean dishcloth and either decant into a bottle for easy pouring or keep in the same jar. Make your first batch small since you might want to adjust the flavour next time.
Don’t throw away that good fruit! It’s perfect for a boozy trifle or spooned over vanilla ice cream.