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The Big, Bad Book of Botany: The World’s Most Interesting Fauna

botanyThe Big, Bad Book of Botany: The World’s Most Fascinating Flora

By Michael Largo

Avon Press

Publication Date August 2014

Michael Largo covers the alphabet with an A to Z of some amazing plants found throughout the world. I wouldn’t describe many of them as ‘bad’ mind you, but definitely interesting. The story of each plant is told with small snippets of history, science and mythology woven together and the lovely illustrations add to the narrative. Although written for the average person he has clearly done a good job on his research as he surreptitiously teaches you botanical terms. He describes some weird and wonderful plants you have probably never heard of as well as some of the most common things in all our backyards. He even touches on some prehistoric plants that once existed but are no more.

The term ‘botany’ is losing favour nowadays, often being replaced by the less intriguing ‘plant science’. It’s pleasing to me to see the word botany in large letters on a book meant for popular usage. This book is straightforward, fun and hopefully will draw more young readers into the captivating world of plants. Overall an enjoyable read for geeks like me who find plants endlessly fascinating and a quick read for those who want to skip ahead to a particular plant.