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This past month my freezer has filled up with good food that I know will carry us through spring and summer. I’m talking about organic, pasture raised meat that came from a family run farm and was delivered to my door. It may be from  outside the 100-mile range of idealism but I figure that since the delivery coincided with the farmer being in town this was combining what could have been two journeys into one. They come to town regularly to visit family and kindly send me an email in case my stocks need refilling. I chose turkey, pork and beef this time around but I could have also had chicken, lamb or their very own eggs and Brie.

Good Eats For Many Months

This will last us a long time as we don’t eat as much meat these days. I blame Mark Bittman mostly for turning me on to the reality that less meat is healthier and just better for the planet. Watch him talk about it here

The industrial version of breeding, raising, feeding and slaughtering animals is a vicious cycle that results in meat that costs more than we can afford in many ways. The food we grow to feed these animals, the pesticides we spray on the food we grow, the use of land to grow the food we then spray with chemicals to feed animals instead of ourselves..well, you get the picture.

Eating animals for meat that has been raised and slaughtered ethically satisfies my criteria for responsible eating. Respect the animal’s life, let it live as closely as you can to the way nature intended and when its’ time comes don’t waste any of it. Barbara Kingsolver does a better job than me if you’re interested in reading more about this discussion, pick up a copy of her book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. And yes, eating high quality meat does cost more but that’s another good reason to eat less of it. Most of us eat far more protein than our bodies need.

Ottawa is blessed with surrounding countryside and there are many farms that grow vegetables/fruit and raise animals in this area. If like me you’re reliant on a bus pass or bicycle you can find many farmers making weekly appearances at the local farmers markets or even better join a CSA (community supported agriculture) program and have regular deliveries of meat and veg of your choice! You can download a copy of the Buy Local Food Guide here and be on your way to finding out about all the great local food to be had.

With BBQ season finally making its appearance I think it might be time now to thaw a couple of those fat homemade Italian herbed sausages..


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