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I work in a public library. It’s in the suburbs, and not a particularly interesting neighborhood at that. It does have a redeeming feature however; a bit of park that rows of cookie-cutter homes back onto. Paths meander around the area and there are some small thickets and hidden benches that can make you forget you’re surrounded by SUV’s and fast food joints. I’ve even been known to do a little wild food foraging here in the spring. During the warmer months I always bring a portable lunch so that I can be outside walking or reading on a bench. But during the cold grey half of the year I usually hide inside nursing a bowl of soup.

Even though it is still cold outside today the sun appeared for the first time in weeks and so I plucked up my courage and went for a walk. Bare tree limbs against a bright blue sky, long-abandoned nests and a cat preening herself on a fence made it all worthwhile.

I’ve officially decided to stop pining for spring and enjoy the last leg of winter.

Of course, spring is coming soon, right?


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