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Carrot Envy


Ashley's Carrots Fresh From Her Garden

Last week I went to a Christmas party hosted by good friends. This is their first Christmas in a new house and they wanted to bring everyone together to celebrate. As lovely as their home is my focus of course was on the garden, a huge yard (by my standards) with an already established flower garden. Even though Ashley’s gardening experience extended only to what her previous apartment balconies could fit in; she grew wonderful herbs & cherry tomatoes. This past summer was her first real vegetable garden. She grew shiny, plump eggplants and zucchini that were nothing less than green soldiers ready to invade. But it’s the carrots that I envied the most. Every colour heirloom carrots that were served up as crudités for the party. I would show you a photo of these beauties but they disappeared too quickly.

Next summer I vow to try growing mine in the front yard where they’ll receive far more sun than my shady patch in the back. I have a vision of carrot tops mixed with Calendula flowers and speckled lettuce in the side border that I can only hope will translate from my thoughts to the earth.


2 thoughts on “Carrot Envy

  1. Yay, my carrots! I meant to respond to this the first time I read it and didn’t 🙂 I bought two more packs of fancy carrots from Bakers Creek (a gazillion seeds in each) and then realized I still have quite a few seeds left from last year. Carrots galore! Want some seeds? 🙂 Or, if you can’t grow carrots, maybe we can go tradesies on some produce this summer.


    • Well, I’m going to be brave and try planting my carrots in the front yard this year where they’ll get more sun. The problem is the voracious bunnies!! They eat everything so I’m not sure if the carrots will make it. If not, I can guarantee you some cucumbers and green beans, I had those coming out of my ears last year:) I bought some cosmic purple and yellowstone, what varieties did you get?

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